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ARTMUSE.NET... The nature photography place....

Artmuse Nature Photography was created and launched in 1999. At its inception, Artmuse was intended as an easy way for friends, supporters and customers to see Jean's photography and abstract paintings.

Since then, the site has gone through a number of changes and expanded to include a great number of photos and art.

We also plan to feature the work of other photographers, and visual artists and invite anyone to submit their work. We accept submissions for photos, painting or potteries primarily and we look forward to see and feature your work on this site. If you are an artists and want to be featured on Artmuse please send us some sample or a link to your site and we will contact you.

We are also in the process of adding reviews and deals on photo equipment and art supplies that we hope will help some of our visitors what they are looking for. Our plan is to feature film and digital cameras as well as books, photo editing software, tripods, camera bags, art supplies and much more.

The photos shown on the site were shot with digital cameras (various Nikon D cameras as well as an older Olympus E-10) and with film cameras (Nikon F1, Nikon F2 or Nikon F100) using primarily the old Kodachrome 64 or the newer Ektachrome E100G or GX film that we scan.

Portrait Photography

Photo and Photo Editing Techniques

Articles that will help you improve your skills including Photoshop two pass sharpening technique

  • Learn one of the best way to sharpen your digital (or digitized) photos
  • 2pass digital photo sharpening
  • Articles on Photography and Painting

    Articles that will help you improve your skills:

    About the Paintings on Artmuse

    The paintings featured on the sites are work of Jean who discovered painting relatively recently as he explored new form of expressing his vision of the world that surrounds him.

    The painting are for the most part abstract and use unusual material such as red pepper powder to extract its unique Colors and take advantage of its texture.

    Artmuse also features the work of other artists who are invited to show their work free of charge both as featured guest artists as well as part of the permanent collection of Artmuse.Net. Our goal is to provide a place for artists to feature their work along with friends and collaborators who share their value and care about the art.


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