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Artmuse Digital Photography Tip - 2 Pass Sharpening Technique
One of the most exciting and demanding issue in digital photography is the sharpening of images. This is the most complex issue since, no matter how good the shot maybe it will look "dole" or "artificial" if it isn't sharpened properly. And while there are many ways to sharpen images, most do not work very well since these “filters” sharpen everything including unwanted areas, grain or noise. However, there is an approach that is called the “Two Pass” sharpening technique and that works for all pictures. It is much more demanding than pushing a key on your keyboard but the results are quite astounding... Click here to learn more about it.

Goleta’s Los Carneros Park - Nature Success Story in the Santa Barbara/Goleta Valley
Santa Barbara. Everyone knows this great tourist spot. Half paradise, half beach heaven; With its Southern exposure, the Santa Ynez mountains, and the Channel Islands, Santa Barbara is known for its incredible climate, where the arid weather of Los Angeles 100 miles South meets the cool and misty temperatures of San Francisco 300 miles North. Click here to read the story.

Artmuse does the Sawdust Art Festival
Artmuse shows Jean Touboul's new series, New England, Fall 2002 at the Sawdust Art Festival in Laguna Beach between September and October 2002.

Artmuse offers great Hollidays gifts for under $25.00
Signed pictures in elegant solid wood frame make a great present for the Holidays. To know more about this offer click here...